AcuHerb TreatSoft 2.5

AcuHerb TreatSoft 2.5: Entire Solution for TCM Practice (acupuncture, herb, earpoints, management) 1.treatment of commonly diseases including prescriptions of acupoints, earpoints and herbs. 2. expert differentiating system. 3. method to select points, including midday-midnight point selection, etc. 4. management, inquirment, statistics, backup and recovery of patient cases. 5. management, printing of invoice. 6. inquiring of medical knowledge including text and picture. 7. opened database that users can add personal knowledge.

Health Profiles 3.04: Organizes health and medical information in one place. Easy to use and print out
Health Profiles 3.04

prescriptions and over-the-counter vitamins and/or supplements Use the new Medicine Manager to manage current prescriptions Record date, time and activity associated with blood pressure and/or blood glucose readings Monitor symptoms and pain events Track laboratory tests Keeps your family history Track surgeries Track expenses Personal Medical Journal included. Keep important records on our secure websitie for Internet access from any location connected

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Medibase is the medical health management tool designed to make your health easier to manage. Stores doctors, pharmacies, prescriptions, journal entries, doctor visits, reminders for multple patients. Print out a report for first doctor visits describing the patient`s health status, conditions, prescriptions, and insurance information.

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FileMed 3.1 build 525

prescriptions and medical referrals in a highly customizable manner, making it easy to configure by the user. The images may originate from endoscopy devices, video acquisition cards, scanners, graphic files, screen captures, etc. The program provides the appropriate means to incorporate each of these items. The Clinical Records as well as the images and prescriptions can be printed. FileMed also has the unique capability of customizing Personalized

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Health-Minder 2.45: Organize health records for people and pets, and keep family health diaries.
Health-Minder 2.45

Organize comprehensive health records for people and pets. Monitor nutrition, exercise, medical expenses, insurance claims, child development, hereditary diseases, eldercare, pet care, allergies, vaccinations, workplace exposures. Keep track of symptoms, prescriptions, and health test results such as blood pressure or blood glucose. Take an active role in your own and your family`s health.

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Clinix 1.1

Clinix is software to manage all the needs of a hospital transaction developed by Cking Consultancy Services a leading software and consultany. A complete Medical Software that tracks Patients, Visits, Donors, Volunteers, Drugs and Prescriptions for Free Medical Clinics.For more information please visit or mail us info

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Medic! 2007: Track your family`s medical history, claims information, test results and more
Medic! 2007

Keep detailed medical information for each member of your family Claims information, prescriptions. test results, appointments, doctors rolodex, allergies and more can all be stored and accessed easily with the touch of a button and Medic! The easy to use personal medical manager. Stay on top of your medical information for every member of your family with Medic

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